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Drocourt, Paris. No.31016.


French repeating Gorge case carriage clock by Drocourt, Paris. Number 31016. Silvered platform lever escapement, striking and repeating on a gong. White enamel dial signed with retailers name, T. Martin & Co 151 Regent Street London with Roman hour numerals and Arabic five minute numerals.

  • Date circa 1885
  • Height 5 1/2 ins. (14 cm) handle down.

Drocourt (Pierre & Alfred). Rue Debelleyme 28, Paris; Rue de Limoges, Paris also at Saint-Nicholas-d'Aliermont. Trademark: the letters "D" and "C" with a carriage clock between them. Makers of very fine carriage clocks, won a Gold Medal at the 1889 Paris Exhibition.

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