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  • Tompion 87
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  • Tompion 87 rear
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Thomas Tompion, London No.87

Clockmaker: Thomas Tompion, London

A very fine and original Phase I ebony table timepiece with silent pull quarter repeat. Circa 1687


Ebony veneer and mouldings to the oak carcass, the domed top with chased, gilt brass scroll and garland mounts surmounted by a gilt thistle and bud handle. The front door with gilt brass scroll sound fret, gilt bellflower escutcheons and bellflower mount to the bottom rail. Pierced ebony frets to the sides and rear door.


6 1/2 inch square gilded brass dial with three latched feet, finely matted centre and finely chased gilt winged cherub spandrels, Sculpted blued steel hands. Signed Tho Tompion Londini Fecit to the silvered chapter ring with small Arabic minutes and Roman hour numerals, sword hilt half hour markers.


Substantial timepiece movement with extended backplate signed Tho Tompion Londini Fecit in a rectangular reserve within the tulip engraving and punch numbered 87 at the base. Knife edge verge escapement. The silent pull-quarter repeat system, cocked via Tompion’s early Z-bar repeat lever operating from either side, the hours struck on the larger bell mounted above and the quarters on the smaller bell below.

Height 13 inches (33 cm)