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Charles Frodsham, London. No. 1320

Clockmaker: Charles Frodsham, London


A superb rosewood month going wall regulator by Charles Frodsham. The 6 inch square gilt engraved dial with silvered chapter signed Charles Frodsham, No. 84 Strand, London. No. 1320. Blued steel moon hands and a subsidiary seconds dial with Observatory marks. The month going movement with deadbeat escapement, the beautifully made pendulum which is suspended from the backboard has a pair of nine inch glass mercury tubes terminating in a fine pointer and with highly detailed silvered rating nut divided 0 to 72 with additional twin vernier scaled 0-10. and detachable boxwood beat scale signed Chas Frodsham 84 Strand London with two scales, one in inches 2-0-2 and the lower in degrees, 3.5-0-3.5.

The elegant slim rosewood case with chamfered caddy top and a long glazed door with brass frame and pierced and carved foliate section below the dial.

Date circa 1870

Height 44 ins (111 cm)

Width 8 1/2 ins (21.5 cm)

Depth 5 1/2 ins (14 cm)

The exceptional pendulum on this clock is known in one other clock, number 1165, see Derek Roberts, English Precision Pendulum Clocks. Page. 151. Figure 19-16. This was a design that Frodsham first announced in 1866.