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Dent, London



A fine small mahogany drop dial wall timepiece. The 8 inch dial signed E.J.Dent, London. The flame figured mahogany case with narrow wood surround, cast brass locking bezel, carved ears and fielded panel to the chisel bottom opening door.

Date circa 1850

Length 16 ins ( 41 cm)

Edward John Dent (1790-1853) went into partnership with John Roger Arnold at 84 Strand. In 1840 he set up on his own at 64 Strand and also at 28 and 33 Cockspur Street. He was granted the Royal Warrant as Chronometer Maker to the Queen in 1841. In 1852 Dent won the commission to make the great clock for the Houses of Parliament at Westminster but died in 1853 before it was completed.