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Gerard a Paris SOLD


A fine French mahogany table regulator clock. Circa 1800


Figured mahogany case with ebony mouldings and an architectural pediment. Fine fire gilded ormolu mounts, the tall glazed side panels with ormolu mouldings.


The white enamel convex dial with Roman numerals signed Gerard a Paris with blued steel hands and blued steel centre seconds hand.


The superb quality two week duration movement with the rarely seen Coup Perdu (lost beat) pinwheel escapement has a large gridiron pendulum. The hours and half hours sounded on a bell.

Height: 21 1/2 in (55 cm)

Gerard is recorded as working at Rue du Coq, St Honore, Paris from 1807 to 1825.

The Coup Perdu escapement is occasionally found in very high quality clocks. It allows the second hand to jump full seconds, with a pendulum which beats half-seconds. This clock has a pinwheel escapement, having one pallet hinged to which the pins of the pinwheel drop. When the pendulum swings, the weight at the outer end of the pivoted pallet lifts the coup-perdu pallet clear of the exit pallet, enabling the pendulum to receive impulse on its swing. The next pin drops on to the coup-perdu pallet, closing it on to the impulse pallet.