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John Knibb, Oxon.


A rare hooded wall clock with alarm. The square brass dial with finely matted centre and single hand with alarm disc to the centre, signed on the silvered chapter ring. The 30 hour movement with short bob pendulum and verge escapement, striking the hours on a bell. The walnut veneered case with rising hood, sound fret to the arch and scrolled brackets.

Date circa 1710

John Knibb was born in 1650, a brother of Joseph Knibb for whom he worked form circa 1664. He was free from the Clockmakers Company in 1673 and continued to work in Oxford after Joseph had moved to London. In 1689 John Knibb was one of six officials accompanying the Mayor of Oxford at the coronation of William and Mary. He himself was twice Mayor, in 1698 and 1710, and finally Alderman from 1716