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Richens Bath


Exceptional month going mahogany wall regulator. Circa 1870


Mahogany flame figured case, doors to top and bottom with fine mouldings and concealed hinges. The bottom glazed door with beat scale and thermometer. Six brass knurled screws for the lift off case. The oak backboard mounted with a massive cast metal bracket for the movement support.


10 inch square one piece silvered dial signed with large subsidiary seconds dial. Signed to the centre Richens Bath, and below, ‘Time measures all things but I measure it’.


Beautifully engineered month going weight driven movement with unusual dead beat escapement, Harrison’s maintaining power mounted on the centre wheel, all pivots running in separate mounted blocks and geared banking pins to the backplate. The brass cased weight has a plate engraved 'wind on first of month' that appears at the bottom of the case. Original tipsy winding key.


51 ins (129 cm)