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Vulliamy, London. No. 445

Clockmaker: Vulliamy, London


A fine red sanderswood mantel timepiece, the square dial signed Vulliamy London with voided heart hands. The superlative eight day fusee movement with rise and fall regulation to the original numbered pendulum. Signed on the backplate Vulliamy, London and numbered 445.

Date 1807

Height 12 3/4 ins (32 cm)

This superb mantel timepiece is recorded in the Vulliamy day book.

Spring time piece in a red sanders case with the top to resemble an antique sarcophagus


Jackson the Movt                                                5 .16-

Pinton the frame for the Door                               10 . 6

Brownly the case with the feet at bottom lined with green cloth                                        5 . 15-6

Benjamin Vulliamy was free of the clockmakers Company in 1781. He was consulted by George III on mechanical subjects, especially in connection with Kew Observatory and supplied the King with a very fine regulator. Thomas Brownley of 68 King Street, Golden Square, an independent cabinetmaker was frequently employed by Vulliamy, especially for non-standard work.

At this date, 1807, Vulliamy was working at the Prince Regent’s London residence, Carlton House. Carlton House was the town house of the Prince Regent for several decades from 1783 until it was demolished forty years later

A near indentical clock in very poor condition numbered 440 was sold at Christies King Street auction in 2005.