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William Dutton, London


A very rare round dial wall clock with 12 inch enamel dial and double fusee quarter striking movement with dead beat escapement. The backplate signed William Dutton London.The mahogany case with carved laurel leaf surround with cast brass inset bezel, door to the bottom and lift out doors to both sides.

The white enamel dial with Roman numerals and Arabic minutes, blued steel spade hands typical of Mudge and Dutton. Strike silent lever above XII behind the brass bezel.

The eight day movement with thick heavy plates, five large pillars, bottom centre pillar threaded for the large securing screw to the seatboard. High count train for the quarter striking on two bells via a pump action linkage system. Large pendulum bob to the flat steel rod.

Date circa 1775

This clock is of the highest quality workmanship, the combination of an enamel dial and quarter striking make it very rare.