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Collecting Antique Clocks

Collecting Antique Clocks

Prized and valued today as they were when first commissioned and made, fine antique clocks represent a sound financial investment and will be a pleasure to own and incorporate into your daily life. Clocks by the best and most highly regarded makers are highly valued. There have over recent years been dramatic price increases in clocks by leading makers such as Thomas Tompion and Joseph Knibb but you do not have to spend hundreds or tens of thousands of pounds to acquire a good quality clock. There are many fine and interesting clocks by less well known makers which provide a good entry point for new collectors and those with an interest in horology but less deep pockets. Clocks by makers like Vulliamy and Dent provide excellent value for money. Collecting clocks is a fascinating and enjoyable way to spend time, finding a good dealer should be your first step.

Date: 07/09/2017 | Author: Tobias Birch