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Antique clock repairs and restoration

Antique clock repairs and restoration take place in our workshops which are fully equipped with traditional hand tools and precision Swiss made machinery. We offer a complete restoration and conservation service on quality antique clocks from the 17th to the late 19th century. All clocks are restored sympathetically, preserving their authenticity, to the highest standard by highly qualified clockmakers and cabinet makers. Conservation reports can be provided giving full details of the work, including materials and techniques used.

Our workshops are overseen by Tobias Birch who gained the highest award in 1990 for clock restoration and conservation from the world renowned West Dean College. He is now an advisor to the West Dean Clock Restoration course. For nearly 30 years he has had the privilege of restoring some of the world's finest clocks, including those by the great makers, Thomas Tompion, George Graham and Joseph Knibb. In this time he has been able to build up an in depth knowledge of fine antique clocks.

Regular servicing is essential to maintain good timekeeping and extend the life of your antique clock.

We recommend clocks are serviced every 8 -10 years. A clock coming in for a service after 10 years will have ticked a staggering 315 million times. It is easy to forget that clocks are machines, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tick that you hear is a tooth in a brass wheel, called the escape wheel, landing on the steel face of the pallets which rock back and forth with the pendulum. 

So what does a service entail?

First of all your clock is carefully dismantled, then dirt and contaminated oil is cleaned from each individual part by hand. Every part is inspected for wear. The pallets have a small amount of oil on them and over time this oil becomes contaminated with dirt and dust in the atmosphere and drys out. The contamination causes wear on the steel faces of the pallets which impairs the function of the escapement. During a service the pallets are polished and if the wear is very bad a thin layer of new steel is put on the pallet. The pivots which can become worn and scored are polished and the pivot holes which can become worn and oval in shape are rebushed. Small brass bushes which are thin tubes of brass are fitted to make the pivot holes snug once more around the pivot. New high grade Swiss oil is applied, along with new gut line if necessary. Your clock is carefully reassembled and then put on test for timekeeping, strike and date work. After a week on test your clock is ready to be returned to you, good for another 10 years.

Take a moment to check and see when your clocks were last serviced, you may be surprised to find it is longer ago than you thought. 

We are happy to offer a collection and return service for our UK customers and International collection and return can also be arranged. 

All our work is quoted in advance and guaranteed for 2 years

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